Books & Links

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology (Holton) – A classic for understanding our weather
Middle Atmosphere Dynamics (Andrews, Holton, Leovy) – Explaining the far reaches of our atmospehre
Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics (Vallis) – Solid foundation in geophysical fluids
Fluid Mechanics (Kundu & Cohen) – Theoretical foundation of fluid mechanics including engineering applications

The Near-Space Environment

Understanding Space Weather (Knipp) – Great introductory book on the near-space environment, its impact on life on Earth and how we observe it
Ionospheres (Shunk & Nagy) – Great explanation of our current understanding of Earth’s high altitude atmosphere, including plasma physics
Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radiation (Bohren & Clothiaux) – Relevant to both Earth’s climate and how we make measurements from satellites. One of the most entertaining textbooks I’ve ever read
Current Space Weather (NOAA)– Up to date with current geomagnetic activity, current solar images in several wavelengths, status of the solar cycle, communications/navigation availability and current forecasts of space weather
Aurorasaurus – Citizen science! A great website for observing and learning about the aurora
Northern Lights Forecast– Check this out for when you might be able to see aurora in North America

Programming & Data Science

Python for Data Analysis (McKinney)– If you have a background in programming this is the book to start python data analysis projects
Think Stats (Downey)– Good general stats applied in Python
Building Machine Learning Systems with Python (Richert & Coelho)– Just like the title says
Bayesian Methods for Hackers (Davidson-Pilon)– This one is even fun to read
IDL Programming Tips– A website that is an absolute goldmine for projects in IDL (also associated with the Fanning book)
Traditional IDL Graphics (Fanning)– A good book for those who find themselves using IDL (common in the atmospheric and aeronomy fields) and want guidance on creating publication ready graphics
Practical IDL Programming (Gumley)– Good intro text for getting started in IDL

Education & Writing

Eloquent Science (Schultz) – Help for writing a paper for academic publishing
Getting What You Came For (Peters) – If you are even tentatively thinking about going to grad school, read this now.  It’s a bit out of date, but the advice is spot on.
Clouds in a Glass of Beer (Bohren) – Simple experiments in atmospheric physics